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Die Overall Brigade kommt aus Köln. | The Overall Brigade comes from Cologne, Germany.


The Overall Brigade plays music that stems from a time when riding trains meant freedom, uncertainty and adventure. When working folks moved together and dreamt of more than building loan agreement homes, a new sofa corner and the next holiday trip to Thailand.

Our instruments are banjolele, accordion, double bass, guitar, voices and soup spoons.

We play mostly songs from the years of 1905-1955 ( by Joe Hill, Haywire Mac, T-Bone Slim, Merle Travis, Leadbelly, Woody Guthrie, and Traditionals). Besides that we integrated some Punk and Reggae songs to our set list. And some German songs as well.

In one point we differ from other Hillbilly and Skiffle bands: Almost never we do sing about love, heartaches, homesick feelings about the blue ridge mountains or „nostalgia for an age that never existed“ (to quote Jello Biafra). Another difference is our approach to the music. Although we play handmade and unplugged our attitude nevertheless is punk rock.

1907 Portland + Spokane

We have stolen our name from the original Overall Brigade that was founded by IWW organizers in Portland around 1907 and that helped a lot to win free speech fights e.g. in Spokane and agitate amongst migratory lumber jack, harvest and longshore workers on the US westcoast in the Midwest and the Rocky Mountain area.

Here you will find some source of information about the original Overall Brigade  (founded 1907/1908 in Oregon and Washington) in historic texts:


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